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Kgoma Africa

We serve the development needs of Africa.  Our main focus, for now, is the water and sanitation sector and the housing sector.  We render professional services and give custom solutions to government institutions, mines and the agricultural sector.

Kgoma Africa is a BBBEE Level 1 holdings company with equity in various other companies.  This means that we can provide a variety of solutions and insights having access to these companies.

The name Kgoma Africa means Touching  Africa in Tshwana, Sotho and Pedi. The name says it all, we want to truly touch Africa and be part of a greater tomorrow. By the people for the people.

Kgoma is part of Touching africa and subscribes to it’s operating principles”

What we do

We provide a variety of excellent services.  



    Investment & Banking Solutions

    Integrated Development Solutions

    Food Security Solutions

    Energy Solutions

    Water Solutions

    Risk Management Solutions

    Social Consulting

    Geological service

    Environmental Management

    Geological Exploration services

    Agricultural services


    Geotechnical & Engineering

    Environmental Engineering

    Spatial Planning and Land Development

    GIS Services (edited)

    Borehole drilling

    Testing of boreholes

    Pump Installations

    Borehole Rehabilitation

    Construction of water and sanitation infrastructure

    Project management of water services project

    Reporting systems

    Community water supply and reticulation systems

    Water supply and distribution systems

    Surface hydrology

    Groundwater supply and abstraction management

    Groundwater impact and risk assessments

    GIS based groundwater data base development and management


Kgoma Africa operates with ethical integrity and deems itself a bridge-builder between communities and the diverse people of Africa.

We are proud to be partners/stakeholders in the companies we serve. We do not drive maximum profit to the expense of sustainable development, but rather put a slow and steady growth of all the companies we are involved with as our first priority.

We are hopeful about Africa being served by a true African group of companies that truly understands the people, the place, the community and the needs that arise.


One of our recent projects involved a multi-disciplinary team of professionals including engineering geologists, geohydrologists, town planners, social liaison officers and engineers for the development of a Dolomite Risk Management Strategy.  This was done for the Dr Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality in the North West. This was also the first project on District Level of its kind in South Africa. Yes, that’s how we get it done.

” It’s a true reflection of a black-owned business. Growing in an organic way over the years to reflect the African vision.”

How we do it:

As a member of Touching Africa we adhere to the following Operating Principles:

  • We will acknowledge our Faith Conviction in all our operations.
  • We will adhere to the ethical code for businesses as defined by the
    Unashamedly Ethical: to manage and administrate all actions with integrity.
  • We commit to the principles of sustainability to meet the needs of the present without
    compromising resources for future generations.
  • We undertake to live out our purpose with passion as a driving force on all levels of activities.
  • We honour small beginnings within the understanding of the bigger picture.
  • We value the power of visionary unity although we treasure the rich diversity in our midst.
  • We support a cross-cultural approach within the diverse community of Africa.
  • We advocate a holistic approach during all development in order to ensure an integrated
    intervention to the benefit of the African community.
  • We commit that our project actions will be shaped by the acknowledgement of the importance of the end user.
  • Our project actions will be shaped by the recognition that ownership must be taken by
    beneficiaries in order to ensure sustainability.

“Making a difference. Kgoma Africa is contributing to the future of Africa and its people by staying true to the promises of offering and executing sustainable solutions to problems unique to Africa.”

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Louisa Ralepelle
079 512 3745

Thabo Ngoepe
083 645 7434
88 MC Roode Avenue, Potchefstroom
North West Province, 2531